TV has created the idea that flipping houses is quick, easy and glamorous. In just 30 or 60 minutes, you’ll find a house, buy it, fix it and sell it for thousands of dollars in profit. What those programs don’t show is the often back breaking hard work, fixing things and cleaning things you never thought you would have to fix or clean.

In this video Greg and Brent are tackling a common problem in homes: pet urine odor.

To destroy the odor they prepare one of the houses we bought so that we can safely run an ozone generator in the house. Ozone generators produce larger amounts of ozone, which can neutralize odors. While ideal for odor destruction, ozone is dangerous to humans and pets, so we have to take precautions and seal up the house, making sure no one enters during the hours-long treatment.

If you have a house that you can’t sell due to pet odor and other problems, we’ll buy it! We buy houses in Atlanta. We have the tools and the necessary knowledge to fix problems. We buy houses that have been destroyed by tornados. We even fix homes that have extensive fire damage or have burned to the ground.

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Video Transcript

Greg Kurzner

Well, we have a little problem where this former owner had five little teacup dogs.

Brent Bagley


Greg Kurzner

And they were too small to go out, so she let them “go” in. And some of them have accidents. Most of them probably did many times. So we’re trying to sort of see if we can remove the pet odor from the hardwood floors with an ozone machine. I don’t know if you can see that or not. But the ozone machine is really good at taking out odors. And we’re going to try that as well before we refinish the floors. Want to make sure that we get this as odorized, desanitized, or whatever the word is…

Brent Bagley


Greg Kurzner

…As possible, so that when we do the floors, we do the paint, everything, that the house smells and looks great.

Brent Bagley

Yep, that’s what we’re doing.

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