A house fire can be devastating to your home and your life. Aside from the bodily harm a fire can do to you and your loved ones, the damage to your home can take months or even years to overcome.

If you have a home that was damaged by fire and you can’t afford to repair the damage or if you just don’t want to take on the problem, Resideum may be a solution for you. We buy houses in Atlanta and throughout the metro counties. We can pay you cash for the property and handle all of the repairs. You can move on with your life.

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Here’s a recent fire-damaged house that we bought and renovated.

Video Transcript

Greg Kurzner:
Hey, it’s Greg with Resideum, and we are here at 105 Carterdale in Bethlehem, Georgia. This is a home that we bought that was fire damaged and we have done a full house renovation on it. So let’s take a peek inside and see what we’ve done. I will let Brent take you on the upstairs tour.

Brent Bagley:
Hey everybody, how’s it going? So this is the upstairs. It’s a split-Level, as you saw walking in. We’ve got the big large family room over here with the fireplace. Completely redid the kitchen you’ll see over here.

Brand new cabinets, countertops, backsplash, everything was redone. New appliances, sink, everything. Of course, new floors. Like Greg said, complete renovation. Back here you have a one bedroom. And then you have a master bath. There’s the master, not master bath, guest bath. Then this is the master bedroom back here, pretty large. There’s a large area over here and then there’s this area over here in the master bath, is in here. Now, the master bath was completely redone.

The tub that was here was a tiled built in garden tub and we completely remodeled with that. This was an empty space that we’ve now made a shower with. And created a double vanity. Of course, new countertops and everything in here as well. So that is the master bath and it’s about it upstairs. Again walking through. And then I’ll have Greg walk y’all through the downstairs.

All right. So as this split staircase comes downstairs, we have two large secondary bedrooms. Bedroom one, nice big closet. Take a look around.

Another very large bedroom back here, or it could be a bonus room. It has a private bath. Could even be the master or a second master in-law suite. Closet under the staircase. Laundry room. Nice big laundry room. Lot of place to store and then what was the garage has been converted into a big bonus room. So this is a really nice space right here, a pool table, pinball machines, party bar.

And then we’ve got the mechanicals that are in here. This is where we have most of the fire damage. If you can peek your head and you can see the new trusses that we have in there that were were installed to support the damage that we had. And we got a few things to punch out here, but we’re almost finished. You can see the dumpster through the window and a little bit of work here and there. But by and large, coming along and we’ve already got it under contract for sale.

So we’re excited about that and new projects to come.


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