We Buy Unfinished Houses

How many projects have you started, with wonderful intentions, only to run out of interest or energy or money or something else, before you finished? It happens to everyone including real estate investors. Lots of newbie real estate investors watch a seminar or read a book and get excited about flipping houses. They run out, … Continued

Mold Gone

Mold House Fixed and Like New!

In a previous post and video, we showed you a house that we bought in Decatur, Georgia that was filled with mold and had a mess created by squatters. This video is the big payoff! After several months and many thousands of dollars later, the house is finally restored and ready to go back on … Continued

Mold House

We Bought a Mold House

Resideum is all about helping Metro Atlanta homeowners deal with difficult problems. We take on those problems so the owners don’t have to deal with it. This latest project was a house that developed a plumbing leak, which turned into mold in the house. Then the squatters came in, leaving a mess throughout the entire … Continued

Tornado House Update Video

Video Update on Tornado House Renovation

We are finally making some progress on the tornado-damaged house we bought. Greg Kurzner and Brent Bagley take a quick walk-through after the water soaked drywall was removed from the house, taking it down to the studs. In our previous tornado house video, we looked at the house before the drywall was removed. It was … Continued

How do you sell a fire-damaged house

How Do You Sell A Fire-Damaged House?

A house fire can change your life in dramatic and traumatic ways. If you have experienced a house fire, you know just how devastating it can be, not only to the house itself, but also to your emotional well-being. Recovering from the shock can take a long time. For some people who have dealt with … Continued

Inherited House

6 Challenges When Dealing With Inherited Property

Inherited property can be a blessing and a curse. In this article (and video), we’ll discuss the problems with inherited property (and we’re talking primarily about houses) and how to solve them, including how to sell what may seem like an unsellable house. First, let’s talk about the problems with inherited property. 1. Very Emotional … Continued

Should You Remodel or Repair Your House Before Selling?

Should You Remodel or Repair Your House Before Selling

One of the most asked questions that homeowners have when they are preparing to sell their house is “how much repair work or remodeling should I do before I sell the house?” This is a loaded question. It involves potentially spending thousands of dollars and a lot of time and frustration getting a house fixed … Continued

Just Bought a House Hit by a Tornado

Just Bought a House Hit by a Tornado

This is the latest Resideum house purchase. It’s a house that was destroyed by a tornado in March of 2021 in Newnan, GA. The storm was an EF-4 tornado that damaged more than 1,700 homes throughout Coweta County and killed one person. Scary stuff! The garage and roof are completely gone, but we are going … Continued

Don't Bother Removing Asbestos From Your Atlanta House

Don’t Bother Removing Asbestos From Your Atlanta House

Asbestos is a heat-resistant and insulating material which is used in the manufacture of hundreds of products. It is a naturally-occurring soft, fibrous mineral. In years past, asbestos was used in materials found in homes, such as in vinyl flooring tile, cement, adhesives, tape, sealants, roofing materials and more. While asbestos is still used to … Continued

Talking about Functional Obsolescence

Walk-Through of Our Latest Functionally Obsolete Project

Recently we purchased a home that had a problem: functional obsolescence. If you’ve never heard of that term, you’re not alone. It’s a strange sounding term that most people never hear and don’t understand. But if you have an older home, you may be living in a home that is functionally obsolete, and this can … Continued

Flipping houses isn't glamorous

Flipping Houses Isn’t Glamorous

TV has created the idea that flipping houses is quick, easy and glamorous. In just 30 or 60 minutes, you’ll find a house, buy it, fix it and sell it for thousands of dollars in profit. What those programs don’t show is the often back breaking hard work, fixing things and cleaning things you never … Continued

Average day in the we buy houses business

Average Day in the “We Buy Houses” Business

In this business of buying and selling houses, we do many different things, including sifting through homes for sale, talking to lots of people, buying houses, making renovation plans, hiring contractors, overseeing the transformation of the house and more. We will be documenting many of the things we do. On this day, we were going … Continued