Flipping Houses is Painful

Flipping Houses Is Painful

Yes, we’ll admit it. Flipping houses can be painful. Our business is buying houses that need some love–paint, new floors, new cabinets, new this and new that. We make all those changes and updates. We fix the problems, we spend the money, and hopefully, we are able to sell the house to a new owner … Continued

How Much Does it Cost to Renovate a House?

How Much Does it Cost to Renovate a House?

The question of cost is a big one when it comes to dealing with home renovations. If you own a house that needs renovations, should you spend the time and money making those renovations, or does it make more sense to sell the house as-is to someone else? Frankly, the answer to the question of … Continued

Repairs We Have to Make When Flipping a House

Repairs We Have to Make When Flipping a House

Are you curious about what house flippers have to do when they buy a house and get it ready to resell? Some house flippers don’t do anything other than buy the house and turn right around and sell it to someone else for more money. They don’t add any value or make the house better … Continued

Tornado House Rebuilt - Watch the Transformation

Tornado House Rebuilt, We’ll Buy Yours Too

In 2021, a tornado devastated the city of Newnan, GA with an F-4 tornado. Over 1,700 homes were damaged or destroyed and one person lost their life during the storm. So many lives were disrupted, with many people simply abandoning their homes and possessions. Resideum purchased one of these homes with the plan to rebuild … Continued

Installing a Circular Driveway

Added a Circular Driveway to This House

Buying and renovating houses takes hard work, lots of money and creative solutions to problems. When we bought this house it was functionally obsolete (click to see more details). The house only had 2 bedrooms and a single bathroom. Today’s marketplace wants more bedrooms and more bathrooms. So we decided to convert the open-air carport … Continued

Nobody Wants Your Functionally Obsolete House

Nobody Wants to Buy Your Functionally Obsolete House

Nothing lasts forever. That saying is easily applied to hairstyle trends, popular music styles and doughnuts left in the break room. But you can also apply it to housing and the wants and needs of people who buy those houses. The houses being built today will almost certainly not meet the exact wants and needs … Continued

Seneca Development Video

Starting Development Project Near Clemson, SC

Resideum is excited to announce our latest development project: The Landing at Clemson Marina in Seneca, SC. We will be developing 20 new attached home lots and 1 detached home just across the lake from Clemson University and less than 3 miles from downtown Clemson. This was a development that began back in 2005. Five … Continued

Selling Your House After a Natural Disaster

Selling Your House After a Natural Disaster

A natural disaster can strike at any time. And they don’t discriminate based on income or race or anything else. We are all susceptible to natural disasters and our homes are at risk of being damaged or destroyed in the process. Billions of dollars of property are damaged or destroyed each year due to hurricanes, … Continued

Popping the Top Video

Update on Our Pop-Top Project

We bought a house in the City of Atlanta that was built in the 1930s. The house is in an area that is changing, and the demands of today’s homebuyers requires a larger home than the one that we purchased. So we’re fixing the problem by adding a second story to the house, replacing worn … Continued

Planting trees at Bobby Jones Golf Course

Cut Down One Tree, Replaced it With 10 at Bobby Jones Golf Course

We buy houses in Metro Atlanta. In the process of renovating the houses that we purchase, we often have to modify the landscaping. Modifications sometimes include trimming trees and even cutting them down. We try to preserve trees whenever possible. They add value to the home and the neighborhood. Trees are desirable to homebuyers. And … Continued

We Buy Unfinished Houses

We Buy Unfinished Houses

How many projects have you started, with wonderful intentions, only to run out of interest or energy or money or something else, before you finished? It happens to everyone including real estate investors. Lots of newbie real estate investors watch a seminar or read a book and get excited about flipping houses. They run out, … Continued

Mold Gone

Mold House Fixed and Like New!

In a previous post and video, we showed you a house that we bought in Decatur, Georgia that was filled with mold and had a mess created by squatters. This video is the big payoff! After several months and many thousands of dollars later, the house is finally restored and ready to go back on … Continued

Mold House

We Bought a Mold House

Resideum is all about helping Metro Atlanta homeowners deal with difficult problems. We take on those problems so the owners don’t have to deal with it. This latest project was a house that developed a plumbing leak, which turned into mold in the house. Then the squatters came in, leaving a mess throughout the entire … Continued