In a previous post and video, we showed you a house that we bought in Decatur, Georgia that was filled with mold and had a mess created by squatters.

This video is the big payoff! After several months and many thousands of dollars later, the house is finally restored and ready to go back on the market.

Brent Bagley walks you through the “new” house and shows before and after shots of the house so you can see just how far this has come.

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Click below to watch the video.

Video Transcript:

Hey, guys, this is Brent Bagley here with Resideum. We just finished our latest project out here in Decatur, near the East Lake golf course. Let’s go inside and take a look and see what we got done.

Alright. So this is the family room. As you can see, we’ve removed all of the squatters’ trash and stuff that was in here. So if you have a house where you’ve got squatters or something and you…that’s something that we’ll take care of, we’ll deal with it. You don’t have to.

We’ll buy it in any condition. But in here, new paint through the house, throughout is new paint, new floors, new light fixtures. We had to do new windows here in the front and most of the rooms have new windows. But I’ll show you some other things as we walk through.

So this is our first bedroom here again, new floors, new light fixture, new paint. Pretty much there wasn’t a lot of trash in this room, but as you can see, freshly updated.

We’ll walk through here.

Now, this is the bathroom. And as all of the water damage was fixed, the mold was remediated. Bathroom was completely redone.

So that was fresh here again, as you can see, we’ve redone everything throughout. This is the other bedroom downstairs. Had some paraphernalia in this room that was removed as well. But fresh new look.

Now we’re in the kitchen and as you can see all the damage that was in here. Cabinets, brand new cabinets, countertops, new appliances. We actually built a nice little nook over here for the fridge that wasn’t there before. Over here to the right. So very nicely done in here.

We had to level the floor up in this room. I would call this a dining room or maybe another sitting area. It looks in from the kitchen. And then through here is the laundry. So just freshened everything up.

Got some stuff done in here. All right, let’s take a walk upstairs and we’ll show you the upstairs.

All right. So this is the second floor. New carpet up here, as I talked about downstairs. We did have to add some mini splits for the heat and air up here. So you’ll notice that on the wall. That is going to be, again, new fixtures, new paint, fresh.

This bathroom didn’t need too much. But we did do a new vanity, new counter tops, new fixtures and stuff. We did have to redo the tile on the floor and on the wall. So you’ll see that that was redone and then the final room up here again, fresh everything. Another mini split added for the heat and air up here.

And I mean, that’s it that completed this house. So I’ll take you all outside and show off some stuff we had to do out there.

All right. Now we’re outside. A few things we did out here. We had to put a new gate on the front, new paint on the house.

We put these cedar shutters on to kind of add a little pizzazz to the house. And then over here, we actually wound up having to add a gate for access to the backyard from the front yard that we thought was necessary. So we’ll walk back here. A new system here, and this one was still new. So we didn’t have to do anything there and then had some work we did on this back wall, back here again, new paint on the outside. And then we just cleaned up the backyard.

So there was some trash, debris from people had been throwing over. So my favorite feature of this house, honestly, is this fenced in backyard.

All in all, pretty easy project. As we talked about with the water damage inside, if you have a house that has water damage or squatters, trash…hey, we’ll buy it. We’ll take it off your hands, and we’ll take care of it for you. You don’t have to worry about it. So this is Brent with Resideum signing off and we’ll see you all next time.

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