A house fire can change your life in dramatic and traumatic ways. If you have experienced a house fire, you know just how devastating it can be, not only to the house itself, but also to your emotional well-being. Recovering from the shock can take a long time.

For some people who have dealt with a fire-damaged house, they decide they would rather move than stay where their house was damaged or destroyed. But this means they have to sell a house that is damaged.

Is it possible to sell a house after a fire? Do you have to repair it yourself? Who will buy a house that hasn’t been repaired?

In this video, Brent and Greg discuss the options for selling your fired-damaged house.

Video Transcript:

Brent Bagley:
Let’s talk about selling your fire-damaged house in Atlanta. First, if you’ve suffered through a house fire, you have my sincere sympathies. Very few tragedies in life are more harmful in terms of financial loss, material loss, the loss of feeling safe and secure in your own home, and of course, the loss of a loved one if they are lost in a fire. The repercussions from a house fire can impact your life for many months and even years, from dealing with the house repairs to replacing the simplest of things like clothes, to dealing with lost papers and photos and other irreplaceable items. Recovery doesn’t happen overnight.

Hi, I’m Brent Bagley. And today Greg and I want to talk about one small aspect of recovery from a house fire: How to Sell a Fire Damaged House.

Greg Kurzner:
Many times after suffering a tragedy like a fire, a homeowner no longer wants to rebuild it. It could be too painful to stay. So selling a house may be the best option if you’re facing this situation yourself.

Assuming you had homeowners insurance that covered the loss from the fire, your insurance company has probably already paid you a settlement or will do so soon. You are not obligated to repair or rebuild the house. You can take the insurance settlement, sell what remains of the house and land and move wherever you want. The challenge with this scenario is that very few buyers will be interested in a house that has fire damage.

So Brent, what are your options when you’re selling a fire-damaged house?

You can try to sell it through the traditional method of listing with a real estate agent. Depending on the real estate market in your area, there may be buyers who want to purchase damaged houses. However, you will likely be heavily discounting the house due to the damage. Then, on top of that, you will have to pay real estate commissions, further reducing how much you will receive.

Well, Brent, you can try selling for sale by owner and avoid paying commissions, but this may be even harder because you won’t have access to the Multiple Listing Service where agents list their properties. Most homes are sold on the MLS, so trying to advertise your home on your own can be challenging. Finding a buyer on your own is hard. Finding a buyer to buy a fire-damaged property is even harder.

That’s true, Greg, but a better option is to sell your fire-damaged house to a company like Residuum that specializes in buying properties as-is, in any condition. We have the resources to restore damage properties and bring them back to like new condition so that someone can live in the house once again. We make it easy for you to get paid for what remains of your house so you can quickly move forward with your life and restart wherever you need to. If you have personal items inside the house damage during the fire or by water or smoke, we can recover them or dispose them for you. Sometimes seeing those items can be emotional, so if you don’t want to deal with it, we will do it for you.

If you are in the Metro Atlanta area and are dealing with a fire-damaged property that you would prefer to sell rather than rebuild, reach out to us and we can make you a fair all cash offer in 24 hours. We can even close as quickly as seven days so you can move on with your life. Don’t suffer any longer from the heart wrenching process of deciding what to do about rebuilding your house. Let Resideum give you a cash payment for your house and you can leave the house behind and move on to better times. Connect with us at Resideum.com. Or click the link in the description below or call 678-710-6130. I’m Greg Kurzner

And I’m Brent Bagley.

Click here to watch the video about the fire-damaged house we just restored.

Resideum Is Ready to Buy Your Fire-Damaged House

If you are anywhere in the Metro Atlanta area and have a fire-damaged house that you think you would like to sell, we are ready to make you an all-cash offer for the house.

Let’s connect to have a no-obligation conversation about your house. You can call us at 678-710-6130 or complete this form below. We will make you an offer in 24 hours and can close as quickly as 7 days so you can get paid for your house and move forward with your life.