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ANY condition.
We’ll buy your house,
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in as little as 7 to 21 days.

We Buy Houses All Over Buford.

You’ll get a Cash Offer on Your House.

Forget about:

Home showings

Delays due to buyer financing problems

Making repairs

No Costs. No Commissions. No Hassles.

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Yes! You CAN Sell Your House Fast in Buford
Leave Your Difficult House Problems Behind

You are here because you need to sell your house. Maybe you already tried to sell your house, but you weren’t able to because the house has problems that buyers just can’t overlook.

Maybe a friend told you the house was unsellable because it looks old and it needs thousands of dollars in updates. The last thing you want to do is spend money fixing the house.

Or perhaps you recently inherited a house due to a death in the family. And maybe that house is a long way from where you live, or it may just be too much to deal with if it needs a bunch of work.

Maybe you have financial needs that are forcing you to sell your house.

Whatever your situation…imagine how receiving cash for your house could solve those problems.

Imagine turning all of the responsibilities for your house over to us, you get a cash offer, close and get a check as soon as 7 days.

Leave all the maintenance and repairs to us. Would that change your life? Would being free of your house take away the stress that a house payment is placing on you? What if you never had to maintain or repair anything in that house ever again?

Imagine being able to attend a closing in just a few days from now and walk away with a check. Imagine never having to return to that house ever again. Imagine no cleaning, no yard maintenance, no renters (if you have them), ever again.

Imagine not dealing with any real estate agents. No cleaning. No showings. No negotiating. No home inspections. No repairs. No delays. No real estate commissions.

Imagine a simple transaction, getting paid and being able to walk away from your house forever.

Resideum Makes All of This Possible

We are looking for our next house to purchase in Buford. We have cash waiting to buy that next property. Your property!

Buying houses is what we do. You probably don’t sell houses on a regular basis and this may be a confusing and uncomfortable situation. We completely understand, and we are happy to talk to you to explain exactly how this work. You have to be comfortable with the process, so we encourage you to contact us and ask as many questions as you would like.

If you are thinking about selling, but aren’t sure how to proceed, call us at (678) 710-6130 or submit your details using the form above. We are always happy to answer your questions. And there is absolutely no cost for any of this. And you are under no obligation to accept our cash offer.

The process to sell your home is easy.

Here’s What You DO NOT Have To Do:

  • Remodel your house
  • Paint
  • Fix anything
  • Clean your house
  • Do home showings or open houses
  • Hope and pray your buyer can qualify for a loan
  • Hire a real estate agent
  • Pay real estate fees and commissions
  • Pay closing costs

When Resideum buys your house in Buford, all of the items in the list above disappear. No work. No costs. No hassles.

You just have to accept our cash offer and deposit a check. We can close on most houses in 7 to 21 days.

We are working to purchase two more houses in Buford this month. Availability is first-come, first-served so reach out to us immediately.

Sell my house fast in Buford, GA to Resideum's Brent Bagley pictured with a homeowner whose house we bought as-is in 21 days.

Can we make you happy like we did for Bernard? Watch below…

Video Testimonial - Bernard Williams

The Resideum Solution Helps Clients With Many Different Problems

Divorce, bankruptcy, job downsizing, hospital bills or a death in your family…

Don’t like using a real estate agent to sell your house…

Your house needs lots of repairs for things like termite damage, fire, flooding, bad tenants, etc.

Or anything else that motivates you to sell your home…

Resideum Will Help.

Selling Your Home Can Solve Financial Pressures

Our clients tend to have either a house that has become a financial burden, or they have some other financial pressure in their life, which has nothing to do with their house.

We help our clients to relieve this pressure by purchasing their house. You don’t have to live under financial pressure any longer! You can sell your house fast and walk away with cash in the bank.

Your house can be a source of financial relief!

The equity in your house can solve a lot of different problems. We can help you tap that equity by purchasing your house.

House in Rough Shape? That’s OK!
We Buy Houses in Any Condition! Sell it to us As-Is

Most of the houses we buy need work. Some need so much work that we have to tear them down and start over. Your house can be in any condition and we will still buy it.

Some examples of houses we have bought include a house destroyed by a tornado, fire damaged houses, and functionally obsolete houses (old and outdated). And yes, we do buy modern houses that are in good condition. Resideum will consider any house.

Many times the houses we buy still have junk in them. You can even leave your junk and walk away. We will take care of that too!

The Resideum Process is straightforward and easy. This three-step process is the fast solution to sell your house and put cash in your hands in just days…

Sell your house fast for cash. Fill in the form.

Send us your details in the form below or give us a call. We research your house.

We buy houses for cash in Buford, GA. Get a no-obligation cash offer now.

Receive your free, no-obligation, cash offer.

Close and receive a check, typically in 7 to 21 days.

Can a Real Estate Agent Sell Your House Fast In Buford, GA?

We buy houses in Buford

If you need to sell a house fast, you have to ask if the way to do that is with a real estate agent. The truth is that listing your house with an agent is not a guarantee that your house will sell. Agents tend to put a house on MLS and sit back, hoping a buyer finds it.

If your house has repair problems or doesn’t show well, an agent may not be able to sell it at all.

Even if an agent is able to find a buyer, most of the time you will have to wait weeks or even months to close and get paid. Buyers want to do home inspections. They want you to fix problems that the inspection uncovers.

Then buyers have to get approved for a loan. This can take weeks.

By the time all of these standard procedures for selling a house through an agent have finished, you have wasted weeks, if not months of your life waiting to get paid. You’ve been making mortgage payments all that time. You’ve had to maintain the house and keep it clean. And to top it all off, you have to pay a giant real estate commission!

Compare this long drawn-out process to simply selling the house to us. WE ARE THE BUYER. We give you a CASH offer to purchase your house in about 24 hours.  You pay ZERO commission. We have our own cash. We can typically close in about one week. So you won’t wait for weeks or months to get paid like would with an agent.

You can walk away from the house fast. With cash in your hands.

Remember: Agents want to list your house. We want to buy your house.

Sell your house to Resideum and skip all the real estate agent hassles and expense.

Call Us NOW at (678) 710-6130.

Your can sell your Buford house through a real estate agent or try to sell it yourself “For Sale By Owner” (FSBO). We offer an easier and faster way…

Checkmark Get a cash offer in 24 hours.

Checkmark Get a fair offer from a local company.

Checkmark Get help from experienced pros who understand the Buford real estate market.

Checkmark Get a simple sales process.

Checkmark Pay zero fees or commissions.

Checkmark Skip multiple showings to strangers.

Checkmark No surprises. A cash offer means you will close and get paid.

Checkmark No repairs. No cleaning!

X Waiting months to find a real buyer.

X Low offers from unknown buyers.

X Unknown real estate agents who don’t understand Buford real estate.

X Lots of paperwork, inspections and delays.

X Large real estate commissions and fees.

X Multiple intrusive showings at all hours.

X Surprises like bad inspections, denied loans, unreasonable requests, cancellations.

X Repair requests. Constant cleaning.

If you already got an offer for your Buford house, give Resideum a chance to BEAT IT and put more money in your pocket. There’s no cost or obligation to get a cash offer from Resideum, so request one today and get a quick response. We are able to make quick decisions because we have all of the necessary resources in-house. We can provide the most competitive offer in Buford. We still have openings for two more houses in your area this month, so contact us ASAP.

Sell your house fast Atlanta - Resideum Buys Houses As-is and Renovates them and makes them beautiful

This is What Clients Are Saying About Resideum…

Bernard Williams

I chose Resideum because they are professional and they do what they say they will do. I called three or four groups but when I talked to Resideum…they were different.

They didn’t try to “Over-Sell” me or make a bunch of promises. They asked me what “I wanted” and when I told them what that was, they said “Okay…let us see if we can get you what you want.”

Nobody else did that.

Brent didn’t sugar-coat anything.  He spent lots of time working with me to get everything I needed done. Brent really cared about what I needed.  I trusted him…and once I got comfortable with him…that was it. The experience was great. No problem at all. They are honest and that is very, very rare.

– Bernard Williams

Or Call and Talk To Us Now: (678) 710-6130

You have a life that may have become much more complicated and stressful. Perhaps a house is the source of the stress or because of some other circumstance. If that is the case, consider this:

  • The same house that is causing your stress could solve the stress.
  • If mortgage payments are late, what if the payments all went away forever?
  • If you inherited a house that is a financial and time drain, what if it finally gave you money instead?
  • If your house needs tens of thousands of dollars of repairs and renovation work, what if you never had to fix anything?

You can solve all of these problems (and more) by selling your Buford house to Resideum.

We buy your house. Your mortgage payments stop.

We clean it. We renovate it. We mow the grass. You don’t do any of that.

You walk away stress-free, with cash in-hand.

Take the first step. Simply fill out the form below and we’ll make you an offer. You can also talk to us by phone at (678) 710-6130. We want to purchase two more houses in Buford this month. Contact us now.

What Do You Have To Lose? Get Started Now...

We buy houses in ANY CONDITION in Buford. Sell my house fast in Buford! No commissions or fees and no obligation whatsoever. Start below by giving us a bit of information about your property or call (678) 710-6130...
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We buy houses throughout Buford, GA (Zip codes 30518, 30519 in Gwinnett County and Hall County). If you need to sell your house fast, then contact us today. We will give you a fair all-cash offer, with no obligation. You pay no commissions or fees whatsoever. Contact us TODAY! 🙂

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