Should I Sell My House Without An Agent?

Selling To Resideum vs. Your Other Options…

When you decide to sell your home you have options. If you want to sell your house fast in Atlanta, you can look to sell with, or without an agent. If you are asking yourself, “should I sell my house without an agent”, the decision should be driven by your goals…but also, your situation. When considering what is the BEST path to follow when you want to sell your home fast, thoughtful evaluation is in order. You could…

Go The Traditional Real Estate Agent Route

The old-school standard when selling your home is to go out and find a traditional real estate agent to list your home. This is still a preferred (familiar) path for many homeowners. Despite the high commission fees, and dealing with showings, open houses, negotiations, inspections, repairs, contingencies, etc., a real estate listing agent will largely do most of the heavy lifting for you. Be sure to ask the right questions before hiring a Realtor to ensure you know what you are getting.

If you don’t have the time to do a real estate agent’s job, don’t give selling your house yourself a lot of consideration. However, if you are willing to put in some work and take time to familiarize yourself with the process, you could save some money. Remember…increasingly, selling real estate is complicated and the legal ramifications can be immense. You need access to an experience with contracts, inspections, disclosures, etc. This type of selling your home without an agent is quite a challenge.

If you have a background in real estate or law, or have sold multiple properties in the past, this may be a good option to consider, especially if you have the time and resources needed to put in the work when listing your house for sale. You likely won’t have access to the most important tool to get your home seen, your local Multiple Listing Service…but services like Zillow do allow FSBOs to advertise their homes where a large audience can find them.

Get an Online Offer From An iBuyer

For those of you unacquainted with the term “iBuyer” , an iBuyer is a business that uses use big data, technology and analysis tools to establish a “fair market offer” for your property without ever having visited it. The benefit of this business model is that they can provide a near-instantaneous offer for your home, allowing them to grow fast and accommodate tremendous volume.

Sell Your Home For Cash To A “We Buy Houses For Cash Company” like Resideum

If your home could use a little TLC or perhaps needs costly repairs or updates that you don’t have the time, energy or resources to deal with, choosing to sell your house fast to a local, professional home buyer company can be an option worth exploring. You can sell your home “as is”, fast, and without an agent…and a professional house buyer like Resideum can often put cash in your hands within days, eliminating the need to deal with buyers, their agents, their lenders and their closing date requests.

Here Are Some Further Considerations…

How fast and certain do you need your home sale to be? If the answer is “CERTAIN”, then selling your Metro Atlanta house to Resideum offers so certainty in an uncertain world.

Full transparency…we here at Resideum likely won’t be able to offer you full retail value for your house… but we DO offer several alternative benefits that the “traditional” house sale route can’t offer and which may end up being a better, faster and more certain deal for you…what are the benefits?

Well, Like…

1. Resideum can close and put cash in your hands in as little as 7 days.

There is comfort in “certainty.” If you want to close and sell your house without an agent, quickly, choosing to work with a professional home purchaser will be the fastest way to sell your house.

2. You won’t have to worry about fixing anything up or cleaning your house again and again for buyer after buyer.

Maybe fixing your house up to sell isn’t in the cards. Maybe it is the timeframe, maybe the cost. Whatever the reason, when you need or want to sell your home but don’t want to or can’t do everything necessary to put it into “Sell-able” condition, selling as-is can be a good way to go.

3. Don’t worry about the iBuyer “Bait and Switch” offering you a reasonable initial offer…only to have them lower it substantially after inspection for repairs.

iBuyers are groups like Opendoor, Offerpad and Zillow Instant Offers. Big names using technology to make offers. While they are an option homeowners have, consider carefully the costs and benefits an iBuyer offers to Resideum. They are notorious for making attractive initial offers…only to substantially lower those offers after they inspect the house. More importantly, these groups only want houses in good condition, in certain areas and of certain ages. If your home isn’t “THAT”, you might not be a candidate to sell to an iBuyer.

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