In the real estate business, we kiss a lot of frogs. Most of the houses that we buy are in bad shape. They are ugly, damaged, old and outdated, and not a house the average person would want to live in, much less buy.

The homeowners we buy from have often tried to sell their house, but because the house has problems, potential buyers practically run away once they see the house in person. The typical home buyer wants buy a nice place to live. They don’t want to buy a fixer-upper project. For this reason, if you own a house that needs lots of work, you are going to have a harder time finding a buyer.

If you have tried to sell your house without success, we would love to talk to you. We are NOT afraid of kissing frogs. We are not afraid of houses that have damage, that are outdated, that are built with terrible floor plans, that are painted in purple and blue and pink, all in the same room.

The video below is a recent project that we bought. The house needed to have some walls moved and hallways changed. It needed a laundry room and it needed a new bathroom. The house lacked modern features that today’s homebuyers expect in a house.

We are willing to tackle difficult challenges like these. We buy houses in ANY condition, then we spend tens of thousands of dollars correcting these types of problems so that the house will be desirable to a family to live in.

If you have a house that you need to sell, and it’s not in the best condition, request a free, no-obligation cash offer on your house. We can close in as little as 7 days and take the house and its problems off your hands, so you can walk away with no further troubles.

Click the video to watch Brent give us the before and after tour.

Video Transcript:

Brent Bagley:

Hey, guys, this is Brent Bagley with Resideum. We’re out here at our latest deal in Atlanta. Unfortunately, Greg is not in the video with me because he just stepped on a nail. And that is just one of the hazards that you will find when dealing with properties like this. Let’s take a look inside.

All right, guys, we’re in the living room. We’re going to need to, of course, do some work in here, paint. We’re hoping to refinish the floors to keep those. We’re going to–dining room’s right in through here. Looking to take out this wall that you’ll see right here to open it up to the kitchen that we haven’t gotten into yet.

All right. This is the kitchen again. This is that wall. We’re thinking about taking out. Cabinets along this wall. Of course, rip these out, replace those.

Now, we’re out into the hallway.

This is the first bedroom we’ve got. It’s got a large closet. We’re looking to actually take all the paneling off in here and put a bathroom into this room. So that’s the plan for this room. Try to refinish the floors. If not, we’re going to have to replace all the floors throughout the house. All right. This is the hallway. Right now it’s a one-bath [house], again we’re trying to make it a two-bath, and it’s got three bedrooms.

This is the smallest of the three bedrooms. It does have a pretty decent closet, though, behind the door. If I can open that up. So we will have to remove some personal stuff left behind.

Water heater is in there. And then this is the last bedroom. This bedroom has two closets. So again, we’re looking to possibly convert this closet right here into the master bathroom. And this is it.

So stay tuned, and we will hopefully get back with you here soon with some updates showing you what we’re doing.

Hey, guys. Brent Bagley here with Residium. We just finished up this project. It took a little while to get it done, but I’m actually very pleased with how it turned out. So let’s walk inside and I’ll show you what we did.

All right. Now we’re inside. So, here what we did was all new floors. The house has all new windows, new doors, new light fixtures, fresh paint.

We basically did everything in this house. So, this is the family room. Nice size.

You’ll swing around right here. This is the dining area. And this was all original to the house. This area through here. Now where we changed is going to be here in the kitchen where you’ll notice the big change. So there used to be a hallway going through there. That’s been enclosed.

This wall was here. But we have a cabinet here now. All new cabinets in the kitchen, countertops, new appliances. The floors were rotting in some places. So if you have a house that has–it’s an old house where the floors have water damage or caving in–it’s functionally obsolete, where things just don’t flow right. Don’t worry about it. We’ll buy it and we can turn it into, as you’ll see, this house has been turned into.

We added where that hallway was there’s now a laundry room. This house didn’t have a laundry room before.

And so in this bedroom here, you’ll see, in a minute, we did make it, the wall came this way. It made the room a little smaller. Closet was moved here. The original doorway was down here. That’s been moved. So this room was changed around.

Now, back here, in this bathroom, the floor had to be completely replaced. New tub, new toilet, new sink. Everything in here has been changed out. So fresh, new look in here.

Very nice, nice fixtures. All in all. Great new look. Now at the back. Again, this was originally here, these rooms. The water heater has always been here, but changed out this door.

This room, nothing really done except new windows, new fixtures. The closet where it’s placed in this room was already here. Not much changed in this room. And then the other large change is going to be in this bedroom right here. This closet was here.

And there was a closet back here behind you, which you will turn around. And we’ll see. There was a closet here, but we actually, when we moved the wall closer into that bathroom, we’ve made this master bath. So double vanity, toilet is over here. And then a shower.

All right. So now we’ll head outside and I’ll show you what we did out there.

All right. Now we’re outside. Did a lot out here. Right here to my right, we actually had to pour a new section of concrete at the entrance of the driveway. It was not great.

We put in a separate parking pad here with some gravel crushed rock. Up at the carport. We did some Mudjacking. All new landscaping in the front yard, new bushes there.

And then we did a good bit of landscaping in the back. So let’s take a look and I’ll show you all what we did.

All right. We’re in the backyard, as you can see. Completely different change than what it was before. This is actually where Greg, the owner, stepped on a nail. So that’s all gone, luckily. So I’m not in any danger, but there was debris, stuff over here. I mean, it was pretty rough. So all in all, this property is just like a complete 360 change.

Another thing we did, new gutters and new roof on this house. So if you have a house that’s older, like this house was: old windows, water damaged floors, old roof, bad driveway. It was kind of sunken in, starting to crack in the garage. Hey, don’t worry about it. We’ll take it. We’ll buy it. That’s what we like to do. We like to take houses like this and turn them into something new.

So if you want to visit our website, or you can give us a call: 678-710-6130. Be more than happy to talk to you and get you a cash offer and, hey, make something work.

So this is Brent signing off with Resideum, and we’ll see you next time.

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