Tornado House Rebuilt, We’ll Buy Yours Too

In 2021, a tornado devastated the city of Newnan, GA with an F-4 tornado. Over 1,700 homes were damaged or destroyed and one person lost their life during the storm.

So many lives were disrupted, with many people simply abandoning their homes and possessions.

Resideum purchased one of these homes with the plan to rebuild the house and make it new again, ready for a family to move in and enjoy the home. In this video, Greg and Brent take you through the house and show the amazing transformation the house went through.

Tornado House Fully Renovated - See the Amazing Before and After

Some houses, like this one, are so damaged that the owner does not want to deal with rebuilding. They would rather sell what’s left and move on. We are always looking for houses like this where we can help an owner get out of a difficult situation. We take a house that’s in bad shape and turn it into a new house again. The owner walks away with cash in hand and no further obligations and stress about a house.

But we also buy houses that are in good shape, or houses that need a small update. Homeowners may have houses that they inherited and they don’t have the need for the house, nor the desire to become a landlord. And they often don’t want to mess with all the repairs and upgrades a house needs before it can be sold. No problem. We buy houses in ANY condition.

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Video Transcript:

Greg Kurzner

Hi, this is Greg.

Brent Bagley

This is Brent.


And we are with Resideum. We are out at one of our latest projects that we’ve just completed, and it has changed substantially from the last time you probably have seen it. This was a home that was totally destroyed by a tornado in March of 2021. And it is completely rebuilt. And we are excited to show you what it looks like now that it’s finished. So let’s go inside and take a tour.


Hey, guys. So right here, you’ll see the garage. When we were here the first time, this was not here. So the tornado had completely blown it off. But we now have a garage on the house. And so we’ll continue inside to show you what else we’ve got.


When the house was originally built, some of the codes that are now in place weren’t. And there were kind of two little steps right on up to the doorway. And again, obviously bringing them up to code, this time we had to create more of a platform. So that’s what you’ll see up there. And I think it looks a lot better than it did before. Plus, all of this is new and the columns across. So, house really has changed a little bit in its exterior elevation. And we think it came out fantastic. So we’re going to go take a look inside and see how it looks inside.


All right. So we’re now in the great room/family room of this home. Last time we were here, no roof, just totally different. And if you kind of pan around, you can see how well the finished product came out. Got a cool electronic fireplace and up-to-date finishes. So the house is really a 2022 version of what was here before.


Okay, so we’re in the kitchen now, which has been completely updated and remodeled. And one of the nice things about being able to do that is we’re able to bring the current style in place now. So we have stainless steel appliances, granite countertops, shaker cabinets, brush nickel fixtures, and pulls. And so the house is really basically brand new. Brent, why don’t you take us through the rest of the house?


All right. Now how we’re standing at the fireplace. This used to be a gas fireplace. It was the only thing in the house that was gas. So there was a propane tank and a line ran to the deck. So we actually took that out and replaced it with an electric fireplace. So this is actually a new feature to the house that we added. So we’ll continue through the house. I’ll show you the bedrooms and everything back here.


All right. So this is the door to the basement. Nothing really changed down there. Again, originally in the house, there was no roof. There was insulation blown everywhere. We updated this bath, new counter tops, new fixtures and everything. This bedroom on the left, again, the difference is going to be you can tell there’s a roof now and the walls. And like I said, it’s now a house. So there’s another bedroom back here. Fairly nice sized room. That wall was actually missing when we bought the house. It had blown the siding off. So it’s nice to see a solid room again. And then now we’re in the master.


And the one thing that I remember about the master when we were here before was where the water closet is in the bathroom, there was a huge roof beam, right, that had landed right where the toilet used to be. And now it’s kind of dramatically different.


It is. It’s completely different.


Amazing. But it’s hard to imagine it’s the same house.


It is. The tubs aren’t full of water, and you can see the transformation of this bathroom putting it back together. Everything turned out really nice in this house. So we’re actually very pleased.


All right, so we’ll go down in the basement, and not much change down there except for cleaning it up. But we’ll take you down there and show you it. And then we’ll go outside and see what we did out there.


So when we first were here, because the basement was the lowest level, it was really awful, right?




It was full of water and just destroyed and damaged furniture, and all. So our purpose and goal here was not to refinish the basement, but to just kind of clean it up and make it open again so that a future homeowner might want to come in and finish it the way that they want to. So what you’ll notice here is that we’ve stripped it down, we’ve restudded everything and just kind of cleaned it up and made it ready for refinishing. Over here, you can tell it’s a pretty wide open basement, has lots of ability to be finished out in lots of different rooms. We have new mechanicals: sump pump, new electrical, new everything, basically. But by and large, it’s your typical unfinished basement. And we’re happy that we’re able to kind of put it back together the way that now a new homeowner can come in and finish the way they want. So let’s take a look outside and we can see how the landscape turned out.


All right. Now we’re in the back. So what we did out here, and there’s a new deck. I don’t think we called that out while we were upstairs, but the deck had to be completely redone. All new landscaping around the back. You’ll see new bushes there. And all around the back of the house. The yard, you probably won’t tell much difference. It’s been kind of clean since we’ve owned it. Of course, the trees you can still see are blown in the back. But all in all, like I said, the house turned out great. There’s not really anything that we don’t like about it.


Yeah. I think it’s going to take some time for all of the homes in this community to sort of recover and the trees that have been damaged and blown over and topped off to start to get back to looking more normal. But certainly the house is brand new and ready for a new home, a new family to come in and live in. And we couldn’t be more pleased with how it turned out. So again, very proud of this project because of where it was and now where it is and we hope to be able to do a lot more of these types of projects in the future to be able to take something very damaged and make it new again. So for Brent, I’m Greg. We’re with Resideum and we’ll talk to you soon.

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