We love our home sellers. They each have their own unique story to tell. They each have a unique situation that brought them to us. We work hard to help each seller achieve their goals, whether that is to sell a home that is heavily damaged, functionally obsolete, outdated, or even in good condition.

Bernard Williams had a property he needed to sell and he talked to several other companies that buy houses. Ultimately, he chose Resideum as the company he wanted to work with. We thank you Bernard!

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Video Transcript

Bernard Williams:

Ladies and gentlemen, those out there that is trying to sell a house, I advise you: call Brent because he’s a professional, he’s honest and he say what he say and mean what he say. My process is getting someone to buy my house was I call probably like three or four people. And the first two, they oversold their self. You know, you come and saying that I would do this and I would do that. When I finally met Brent. Now, he was he was different. You know, he didn’t come in saying, I’m going do this or I’m gonna do that. He asked me, what do you want?


That kind of threw me off a little bit. And I said, well, OK. I said, well, I need this. He said, well, let me go see if I can get it for you. Nobody else did that. Everybody just told me what they could do and I talking what they would do and justify why they would give only give me that that little bit and they would do this. So it wouldn’t cost me this in the end.


He went and find out what what he could get me and he got it. With Brent, the first thing I noticed about him, he didn’t sugarcoat nothing. He didn’t try to sell me a car I ain’t trying to buy. You know, he just said what it was. He asked me, you know, what do you need to get out of this house? He said he liked the house. I told him that I love the house. But, you know, I want, I didn’t want somebody to come in and take the house and then just chop it all up and do this or do that. You know, once you buy I know it’s yours, but I got sentimental value here. And he took his time and he talked with me for about like three or four hours. That’s…we talked like we would know each other for 20 years. I say, shoot, which way you going? I’m going with Brent. I’m comfortable. Once I got comfortable with it, that was it. I trusted him. He didn’t change nothing. He didn’t come back trying to, you know sliding it under the table. He said it, put it in writing.


That was it. But I would recommend him to anybody. I mean, anybody. This is you know, you gonna have a lot of people come on TV that’s gonna be paid to say something. I’m not paid to say this. You know, I’m not winning nothing to say this. I’m not losing nothing to say this. I’m just telling you the God honest truth. You know, a lot of people can’t hardly tell between the truth and what a lie is.


But I have no reason to lie to you. I have no reason to tell you the truth. I’m just telling you what it is. If you want to go out there and be fooled and promised the world. And all of a sudden you get this piece of paper that you get. Now they want to change everything. Well, call somebody else. Don’t call him. Don’t call Brent ’cause its going to be just what you say. You write down, you write it down, you say, you write it out.


That’s what it’s going to be. So that’s what I say. He’s honest and that’s very, very rare. You can’t find that no more. If you want to, this is somebody that want to sell your house and you don’t want to no, as old people say, rigamarole. Old, people understand what that word means, call Brent. That’s as honest as I can give it. If you want an honest answer through him or you want to go out there and somebody tell you a story, go call those other guys. That’s just plain as I can get.