Resideum just completed another home purchase from a homeowner who wanted a quick, no-hassle sale. We’re ready to purchase your house if you are thinking about selling. Contact us to get a free, no-obligation cash offer.

The Resideum Process

When we buy a home, we don’t typically “put some lipstick on it” and flip it quickly. We really like to make homes beautiful again, and add functionality where appropriate. This home is no different.

When a homeowner decides they want to sell their house, they contact us and provide a few simple details about their house. We usually have a brief conversation with the owner to learn about their particular situation and needs. Where is the house? What size is the house? What is the condition of the house? When do they need to sell? Will we need to clean out personal belongings for the owner? Are there other factors in their life influencing their situation and decision to sell? Are there challenges they need help solving?

Once we gather initial details about the house from the homeowner, we will evaluate the property using multiple tools that help us understand the value of the house as well as the cost to repair it. We will typically view the property in person.

Once we have gathered enough information, we will create a cash offer and present that to the homeowner. If they accept the offer, we will immediately begin the process of purchasing the house, including verifying the title and preparing for closing.

Closing will typically be in 7 to 21 days after the offer is accepted.

After We Purchase the House

While some homeowners who sell to us don’t care what happens to the house after they sell it to us, other homeowners do like to know that the house they called home for many years will be well cared-for and even transformed into a like-new home. Some real estate investment companies just “flip” homes. They buy a property and turn right around and sell it with a slight markup to another investor. Resideum is different. We buy houses, spend tens of thousands of dollars, and restore a house to its former glory. It’s important to us to make a house into a beautiful home for decades to come for a new family.

The process is painstaking, and restoration of a house can take six to nine months, or even longer, depending on the scope of the project.

The Plan For This Project

The house shown in the video below was not in bad condition, contrary to many other houses we have purchased. However, the house did have some functional obsolescence because it only had a single bathroom in a 3 bedroom house..

Watch as Brent gives us a 60 second tour of the property and the plans for the renovation. This one is going to be a great project!

If you have a house you want or need to sell, no matter what condition it is in, give us a chance to make you an offer for the property.

We are based right here in the Atlanta area. We live here, work here and our families are here. We buy houses in Atlanta.

Our goal is to help homeowners solve their real estate and/or financial problems by making win-win real estate purchases. You get paid fast, we get a property that we can renovate, and a new owner will have a home their family can enjoy for years to come.

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Video Transcript

Brent Bagley:

Hey, guys, it’s Brent with the Resideum. Our latest deal, we just closed on down in Collier Hills. Really close to the beltline right over here to my left and then over here to my right, we’re making this a 3/2. It’s currently a 2/1. Let’s go in the house and check it out.

All right. Where I’m currently standing will be coming into the master. This will be the vestibule part of the master as well.

Hey guys. In here were going to be redoing the floors. We’re going to be changing out these windows right here. We’re also going to be doing interior painting, updating some light fixtures. This is the last, second bedroom that’s in the house, of course, being here as well. So, in here will be refinishing the cabinets, not really doing anything with the floors, but also painting in here as well. All right, guys, finishing up. This is the back deck and we’ve got a beautiful backyard.

Not really doing much out here, doing a few, little bit of landscaping and fixing up that shed, but that’s about it. We’re going to be in and out of this pretty quick.

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