We Offer Options To Help You Sell

We’re here to buy your unwanted house with a variety of options to help you have the best outcome. Whether it is a straight sale, a sale-lease-back, subject-to purchase, seller-financed sale, even a lease-purchase…we can do it.

We Can Buy Your House The Way You Want To Sell It

When you want to sell your house fast in and around Metro Atlanta, GA, Resideum, Atlanta’s local Professional House Buying company can offer you several options that best fit your goals and needs. Maybe you say, “I just want to sell my house without an agent…” or, you need to sell to avoid foreclosure, to avoid having to do costly repairs, or need cash and your equity out of your house for another reason…Resideum can buy your house…more importantly, we offer several options that make selling to Resideum, the right choice. We can offer:

Sale and Lease Back Service

Let’s say you want or need to sell your house now…but need to stay in the house temporarily. Maybe you are moving into another home that isn’t ready…maybe you are going to rent but you can’t move in right away. Whatever the reason, if you need a partner with innovative solutions to help you sell your house fast and lease it back, Resideum can offer this option. Everyone’s situation is different and we can customize a plan that will work for your specific needs and make selling your home fast in Atlanta, an easy process. Ask about our Sale and Lease Back Service today!

Purchase Subject To Your Existing Mortgage

Let’s say you are behind on payments and your lender is threatening foreclosure…we offer foreclosure help to Atlanta homeowners. We can stop foreclosure by purchasing your home “subject to” your outstanding mortgage. While not widely known, there are options to help you sell your home subject to your current loan where a sale to Resideum can be fast, enable you to avoid or stop foreclosure, and give you your equity out of your house instead if it getting forfeited and going to your lender.

Purchase with Seller Financing

Maybe you don’t have to sell your house…you just want to. Perhaps you have another home you live in and this is an “extra.” Maybe you want to sell your home but don’t have a good investment to put your sale proceeds in or you want to earn income from your house even after you sell. Selling with owner financing can accomplish this and we are happy to structure our purchase of your home with seller financing…whether temporary or long-term. If you own a home outright, or have substantial equity, one option Resideum offers is to purchase your home and use your equity as our acquisition financing source. It is as fast as a cash purchase and you then receive down payment monies at closing and a note and mortgage for the balance that you will receive both return of principal and interest income back on while we own your former home. Resideum can offer very attractive seller financing terms and you will have both your former home as collateral, as well as an outstanding income-producing investment and be a debt investor in a real estate investment. Call us today and we can discuss the way you can sell your house to Resideum with seller financing and design the kind of income-producing investment you want for a home you no longer want or need.

Lease Purchase Sale

Another innovative approach to selling your home is to essentially “not sell” it. What? Well, as an alternative to selling a home you own to Resideum, we can “Lease it from you with the option to Purchase” it at a later date. You would still own the home and Resideum would control the home as master tenant and then sub-lease it to a vetted, high-quality tenant for an agreed period of time. Resideum would then either purchase the home at the end of a lease term or Resideum’s tenant would thus closing the eventual sale. While you are under the lease portion of a Lease/Purchase agreement, you would receive guaranteed rent each month from Resideum. When the purchase timeframe comes, you then receive your sale proceeds based on the purchase portion of the Lease Purchase agreement and you can put your sale proceeds to work elsewhere. This, like selling with Seller Financing, is a great way to invest in real estate you already own…especially when you don’t need or want to live in the home any longer. We can offer a variety of Lease Purchase Sale options to fit your needs…call us today and let’s discuss Lease Purchase scenarios and how they might help you accomplish your goals of selling an unneeded home while making money investing in your home.

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