Accepting Resideum’s Offer For Your House…Congrats!

Now What?

From Contract Acceptance to Closing

OK, I Got Your Cash Offer For My House And I Want To Accept – What’s Next?
Accept our cash offer and sign your contract

1. We Both Sign the Binding Contract
We will send you a formal purchase and sale agreement to sign via Docusign

Resideum sends your contract to the attorney to close the sale

2. We Open Escrow and Start Due Diligence
We will forward the paperwork to the closing attorney and schedule our repair estimates

Start packing and close and move when you want.

3. We Close on the Sale and You Get Your Cash
We check title and conditions and close the sale… you get your cash then and there.

I need details…

The next step would be that our amazing transactions coordinator will reach out to you. She will introduce herself and will send the agreement to the title company so they can start the title search. From here on, she will be your main point of contact and she will hold your hand all the way until we close and you get cash for your house!
  1. An electronic agreement will be sent to look over and sign. Feel free to also have your legal team look the agreement over, we have nothing to hide. We can also arrange a face to face visit for signatures if you prefer.
  2. Our closing attorney company receives the agreement from our office and begins the closing process. They are the neutral 3rd party that ensures everyone gets what is due to them according to the agreement. It’s a totally legal process!
  3. We visit the property (this gives us a better idea of what our renovation team would need to work their magic on).
  4. Once closed, the closing attorney will give you a check (if you want to attend closing), wire your cash to the bank you provided them or overnight a check to you.

Ready to Get Your No-Obligation, Free Offer?

While we want to buy your house…we are more interested in understanding how to BEST HELP you. We also want to know:

What’s the current situation of the house?

Is it rented/vacant/owner occupied? We can tailor the best solution for your needs!

How soon would you like to close?

Some people want to sell ASAP, some people need 90 days to move out – They all work! We are flexible with closing dates and we will make it as convenient as it can be for you!

What is the reason you’re looking to sell?

In many cases we will be able to help you even more, whether it is helping you find a new place to live in or help in any other way we can – We can be very creative!

Remember- We pay your closing costs so when we give you an offer, that offer is what you will walk away with ( of course minus any mortgage payoff, taxes, or other encumbrances on the property).

See what we can offer you for your house…

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