What Do I Need To Do To Sell My House In Lawrenceville GA?

We buy houses in Lawrenceville Georgia, and provide residents with the ideal way to sell their homes fast for cash. You want to sell your Lawrenceville house, and of course you want to get the most money possible for it.

But, you’re wondering how you can get an offer like cash for houses in Lawrenceville GA. At Resideum, LLC, we give a fair cash offer to homeowners who need to sell fast because we’re professional homebuyers in Lawrenceville GA based locally here in Georgia.

But, What Can I Do to Make Sure My House in Lawrenceville GA Will Sell?

Below, you will find several tips to help you prepare your home to sell for top dollar:

*NOTE: These tips are applicable if you’re looking to get full retail price for your house.  However, if you would rather not go through all the hassle of preparing and repairing your home, and you would rather not wait to do all these things and wait for a buyer to come along, you still have the option to sell your house fast for a fair price value in a quick sale.

1) Deep clean your house in Lawrenceville.

House buyers today demand nice, clean homes. If a buyer tours your home and they spot lots of dirt and dust, or if the place is cluttered with all of your junk, many will turn around and never come back. There are too many clean houses available for people to purchase. Buyers don’t want to take on a cleaning project the moment they move in.

So get busy cleaning! Clean the house better than you normally would. The extra effort can mean lots of extra money in your pocket. If you just hate to clean, hire a professional cleaning service.

Don’t forget to keep the house clean the whole time you are showing it to prospective buyers. Whenever you have a new showing, vacuum the floors, dust and pick up any clutter that has accumulated.

2) Cultivate a cohesive, neutral style in your Lawrenceville, GA house.

Potential buyers can be instantly turned off if you have wild colors in your house. Neutral colors are inviting to most people. And they can improve the desirability of rooms. Dark paints can make a room feel smaller and uninviting. White, off- whites and subtle yellows create an expansive, inviting feel.

Painting a dark or oddly-colored room with a more neutral tone will help potential buyers see the house as one that has possibilities, rather than one that needs revising.

The surfaces of walls are what set the tone for a room and for an entire house. Look at your house not from your own perspective and taste, but from the average buyer who prefers more neutral colors.

3) Make repairs to broken items in your Lawrenceville GA house

Do you have some items in your house that are broken or not functioning correctly? You know what I’m talking about: the annoying door knob that doesn’t latch properly or the window that got cracked or the dishwasher that quit drying properly.

When a potential buyer gets a home inspection, these broken items will come to light and they will be points of contention and negotiation. Rather than trying to hide or ignore these broken parts of your home, do your best to repair them before a buyer ever sees them.

You may want to hire a home inspector yourself and have them find the problems with the house so you proactively repair them before you try to sell the house.

4) Don’t waste money on remodeling or other improvements to your Lawrenceville house.

Making small repairs to broken items makes good sense. Making big remodeling improvements to your house is not a wise move in nearly every category of improvement. Improvements like a kitchen remodel, or finishing a basement just do not return the money you will spend. Many home improvement projects will only return maybe 60% of their cost. So don’t waste your money and time doing these improvements unless you plan to enjoy them yourself.

As previously discussed, painting  is just about the only improvement that will return what you spend, especially if you do the work yourself. Paint is cheap, relative to the immense visual impact it can have on your house.

5) Talk to Lawrenceville real estate experts.

As you formulate your plan for selling your house, you should talk to at least two expert real estate brokers or agents, familiar with your Lawrenceville neighborhood. Ask them to determine a price for your home and give you their marketing plan.

If you are planning to sell the house yourself, then you need to determine a valid selling price yourself. You can do that by searching on real estate sites that show recent sales. However, you may not have much data to go on, and it may be old.

Consider hiring a real estate appraiser to give you a more expert opinion of the house value. This may cost you a few hundred dollars, but it will be worth it to price the house correctly. If you underprice it, you risk losing thousands of dollars. If you overprice the house, you will drive buyers away, and you will have a hard time selling the house. Delays in selling will cost you money as you have to continue making monthly mortgage payments.

6) Make sure you have a good marketing plan.

If you are using a real estate agent to sell your house, marketing is their responsibility. Choose a high quality, experienced agent who knows how to market the house wide and fast.

If you are selling the house yourself, marketing may be quite daunting if you are not a marketing expert. We go into much greater detail about marketing a house yourself in our article about selling your house by owner. Check that for ideas to get started.

7) Get a cash offer in Lawrenceville, Georgia.

One easy alternative to selling a house through an agent or selling it by owner is to sell it to a professional homebuyer.

Professional homebuyers are essentially real estate investors who buy properties, often in need of major repairs, and renovate and sell them to a new owner.

Resideum is just such a company. We buy houses all over the Lawrenceville GA area.

If you want to skip Steps 1-6 above and just go to Step 7, Resideum is ready to make you an offer for your house in 24 hours.

You can sell your Lawrenceville house fast, without cleaning, decorating, painting, repairing, remodeling, marketing or dealing with expensive real estate agents. Every single one of those tasks disappears when you sell to Resideum.

We take on the hassles of cleaning. We evaluate the condition of the house and determine what needs to be repaired, replaced or remodeled. We spend the thousands of dollars to do all these things. You don’t have to do any of that.

 We Buy Homes In Lawrenceville, GA

Of course, we all want to get the highest possible price when we sell a house. But not everyone has the time to wait or the money to make repairs. Even if you make repairs, there’s no guarantee you will get all of your money back.

Making repairs, cleaning the house, remodeling, marketing…these all require lots of money and expertise…and they all require lots of time–time you many not have or want to wait.

If you have the money and the time then you can probably get more money for your house when you sell it through traditional agents or by owner.

But if you don’t have the money to make repairs or if you don’t want to wait 3-9 months it may take to sell your house, Resideum is an easy solution to your house problem.

Resideum will take a look at your property and usually within 24 hours, make you a fair all-cash offer for your house. No pressure. No obligation. You decide if the offer fits your needs.

If you say “yes!” we can close in as little as 7 to 21 days. You choose the closing date.

You pay zero commission. We aren’t agents. We are home buyers. We pay the closing costs. You don’t have to lift a finger cleaning or repairing anything. You don’t even have to remove the contents of the house if you prefer to just walk away.

If you are still asking “How can I sell my house fast in Lawrenceville GA?” you now have two good choices:

  1. Spend the time and money to make the house “like-new” beautiful using steps 1-6 above, so you can sell at top dollar.
  2. Skip all those steps, sell your house to Resideum as-is, and have cash in your hand in 7 to 21 days from now.

We buy houses in Lawrenceville, but we also buy around town. So if you need to sell your house in Atlanta, we can help you sell it fast.

Request a free, no obligation and fair offer on your Lawrenceville GA house. Give us a call anytime at (678) 710-6130 or
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Greg Kurzner, is CEO of Resideum, Atlanta’s Professional Homebuyer company. Greg has been a force in Atlanta real estate for over 30 years. He has been involved in the sale of over 1 Billion in real estate transactions in his career and consistently ranks #1 in sales by units by Atlanta Realtor Association. In addition to Greg being a licensed real estate broker, he is also a licensed general contractor and a nationally-recognized expert in investment real estate.

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